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Near End Of Another Year

Near End Of Another Year

Gosh, well I haven’t been too good at keeping this blog updated, apologies for that!  However, you can always find out what the latest news is via my photography page on FaceBook

Things surely have slowed down here at Tanbar Station.  We are down to skeleton crew and I think in a few weeks most of us will be hitting the road and won’t return until end of Feb/early March.

Myself and Walt will be heading to Rocklands Station to cook there from mid Dec for about 5 weeks, then I will be heading to New Zealand with my camera!  Pretty excited as it will be in time to get in a few of the South Island rodeos and I also have photoshoots booked both in the South Island and North Island, so if you are keen send me a message.  The price is $550 for a weekend shoot or $450 for weekday.  You have the option of color , B&W or both.  If you want a copy of the photos in both that’s just an extra $150.  So yep, flick me a message if you are interested, doesn’t matter where you live, if I can make it happen I will!

I had a FABULOUS photoshoot here at the Station with one of our crew.  I wanted to get in some practice and she was leaving , so thought it would make for a wonderful gift.  She was nervous to start with but with me being a total dork, we where soon laughing and having a great time.  I was really wrapped with how the photos came out.  It helped that I finally updated my photo editing programme.  I’m also excited about getting a new 70-200mm lens sometime next week, which will be perfect for the photoshoots.

Actually, that could be a lovely Xmas present for that person that has everything!  I can do you up a lovely voucher and I will be there in Feb to get the shoot done!

Well I’m sitting in our rec club room with sweat running down my face like a mini Niagara Falls, so I’m going to sign off.



What a WONDERFUL way to spend Easter, at the Eromanga Rodeo, Campdraft & Two Handed Cutting in QLD.  I had a blast!  The people where so friendly and helpful and the competitions were fantastic to watch and photograph.

I put my wee tent up and it was a perfect time of camping, horses, photographing and making new friends.  Hopefully I will be around to go back next year.

Now I am back to my usual daytime job of Station Cook and this Monday I am heading out to stock camp with the crew for about a week.  This means no internet, so I won’t be able to reply to any questions or orders from photos taken at this show.  Looking forward to what photo ops will present themselves when I am away!  Hoping to get some great dingo shots, so long as it isn’t one of them disappearing with my wee fur pal Walter!

So if you have sent me a message or an order I will get back to you as soon as I am back in the world of internet and TV 🙂

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to Kerri Back Photography.

I have been offline for about a year while I have been bouncing around the Australian Outback with Walter.  Now that I am momentarily settled I am focusing again more on my photography and capturing the essence of ‘real Australia’.

Not only can you purchase your competitor photos from rodeos, campdrafts and the like that I attend, there are many Outback scenery photos that will also be available for purchase from my albums, so keep checking in to see what is available and new!