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The End of Winter

Apparently the end of winter has passed and we are now 16 days into Spring.  It's 8.30am and I daren't leave the warmth of my bed, electric blanket and cannot possibly upset the dog, whom is snoring melodically.  

My fingers are freezing as I type, in stark contrast to the warmth of my toes, snuggled into the depths of my warm bedding.

Last winter was my busiest to date.  Being a Rural Photographer, winter is the quietest times for most farmers and for me, I prefer the early sunsets and cool light.  So it's a win win for both photographer and client.

The upcoming months are going to be CRAZY.  I am going to be all over the show, from the deep south, back up to North Canterbury and everywhere inbetween.

I will be showcasing my art at quite a few fetes and shows around the South Island this year.  I really want to get The Stockman Gallery out into the publics eye.  Exciting times ahead.

I am going to have to end this little blog right here as I need to jump into the shower to thaw out these hands, pull the curtains and see what the day has brought us.

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