How to Order Photos

To order photos you need to follow the instructions below.

Currently as I move around a lot with my work and photography I have found it easier for you to pay via credit card and then I personally email you your photo.

  • To order photos you need to select the photo(s) you wish to purchase by ticking the small box above the photo.
  • When you have chosen the photos on the current page you that you want, click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Add Selected Photos to Cart”.
  • A new box appears that asks you to choose a size. Choose Large ($18) or Small ($9) and click ‘OK’
  • Repeat the process until you have added all the photos you wish to buy.
  • Sometimes you will need to refresh the page to see what is in your cart (click reload arrow in browser or F5 on keyboard)
  • You can view a larger version of every photo by clicking on it, but need to return to the listing page to make an order.
  • When you are happy with your selections proceed to the cart or checkout where you need to fill in your details and pay with your credit card or if you have a PayPal account you can use that.
  • Photos are generally only available in digital format.
  • Small Digital – $9.00 (suitable to print up to about a 7 x 5 photo).
  • Full Size Digital – $18.00
  • Commercial Size Digital – $25.00 – contact me directly

** Note: Please be aware of my Terms and Conditions, and licensing when purchasing photos from me.