Gosh, well I haven’t been too good at keeping this blog updated, apologies for that!  However, you can always find out what the latest news is via my photography page on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/kerribackphotography/

Things surely have slowed down here at Tanbar Station.  We are down to skeleton crew and I think in a few weeks most of us will be hitting the road and won’t return until end of Feb/early March.

Myself and Walt will be heading to Rocklands Station to cook there from mid Dec for about 5 weeks, then I will be heading to New Zealand with my camera!  Pretty excited as it will be in time to get in a few of the South Island rodeos and I also have photoshoots booked both in the South Island and North Island, so if you are keen send me a message.  The price is $550 for a weekend shoot or $450 for weekday.  You have the option of color , B&W or both.  If you want a copy of the photos in both that’s just an extra $150.  So yep, flick me a message if you are interested, doesn’t matter where you live, if I can make it happen I will!

I had a FABULOUS photoshoot here at the Station with one of our crew.  I wanted to get in some practice and she was leaving , so thought it would make for a wonderful gift.  She was nervous to start with but with me being a total dork, we where soon laughing and having a great time.  I was really wrapped with how the photos came out.  It helped that I finally updated my photo editing programme.  I’m also excited about getting a new 70-200mm lens sometime next week, which will be perfect for the photoshoots.

Actually, that could be a lovely Xmas present for that person that has everything!  I can do you up a lovely voucher and I will be there in Feb to get the shoot done!

Well I’m sitting in our rec club room with sweat running down my face like a mini Niagara Falls, so I’m going to sign off.